Living Room Design for Minimalist Home

Living Room Design for Minimalist Home
Now living room designs for minimalist home are popular and are designed for many kinds of needs. Creating living room design for minimalist home can be done by yourselves with your own design for your home. Designing living room for minimalist home is not as difficult as you think. The living room is an important room in which you do some businesses when dealing with your guests and treating them. The existance of living room is important because it is a  bulkhead between your family room and a place to treat your guests. The living room has to be separated from other rooms. It’s a good idea to separate the living room for family and for guests so that you can keep in privacy when having your guests.

Designing living room design for  minimalist home is not difficult. You just need to pay attention to the concept of minimalist home when you want to design a living room. Minimalist here means to consider the function factor more than considering interior decorative itself. However, it’s gonna be wonderful if you try to combine elements of art  and functional elements in designing  your living room for minimalist home.
Here's how to design a living room for minimalist home.


Choosing sofa for living room plays an important role in reflecting a theme of your minimalist home. If you have the concept of minimalist home modern type , then you can use a sponge sofa for your living room . On other hands, if you choose traditional minimalist concept , you can use a living room chair seat from wood or bamboo that is beautifully painted . Emphasize the theme of living room for your minimalist home with decorating your living room interior . Buy enough sofas , for example, if the size of your sofa is big, two sofas are enough  with adding small table .


For lamps used in the living room for minimalist home, you can choose to use floor lamps or ceiling lights. If you want to use the floor lights, then choose the model of lamps that reflect your living room characteristic , modern or traditional . Minimalist living room concept is quite simple , which only considers the function of the living room as a place to treat guests .

You should also pay attention to the painting aspect. You just need to choose the painting color that suits the sofas to make it more harmonious.


If you  want to put a shelf in your living room such as a bookcase or a rack for your other document collections, you better choose shelf that is not too big, with lots of terraced bulkhead so you can put many objects that can be placed there. If you want to use the shelf as a room divider that devides living room for family and for guests, choose a rack with a bigger size. In other words, you can design a minimalist living room with minimalist in concept.

Here are some living room designs for minimalist home that can be a reference for you in making your own living room that has elegant sense.
Living Room Design for Minimalist Home