Minimalist Bathroom Design

Minimalist bathroom design can be designed freely by those  who want to design their own bathroom in every detail of it. The bathroom is an important thing that you can not be forgot when you will build a house . There are many types of bathroom designs that can inspire you. One of them is a minimalist type . This minimalist bathroom type does  not only emphasize the interior style but also  considers the function of  bathroom itself. For a minimalist home style, it should be supported by a minimalist bathroom anyway . Avoid using too many ornaments in the minimalist bathroom .

Here are some tips that help you design your minimalist bathroom.

1 . The location of bathroom
Locate your bathroom and decide whether your bathroom  will be used for a private or for general use that can be located outside the bedroom. Location of the bathroom of a minimalist bathroom design can be designed inside or outside the bedroom . Setting the location of the bathroom is also related to the regulation of water source. If you use a water pump , as the source of your water , you should put away the location of the water pump from the bathroom to avoid the contamination that may happen .

2 . Interior arrangement
Minimalist Bathrooms gives emphasize on the use of  bathroom itself. Many interior designers design bathroom for casual home like bathroom in verry exclussive hotel . For bathroom with minimalist bathroom design , the most  important is the use of every bathroom equipment. Set minimalist bathroom interior design as simple as possible depending on your sense. The interior arrangement lies on the types of bathroom that you choose. For clarifying  the type bathroom , here is a review as
The types bathroom .
The types of bathroom are generally divided into only 2 types , wet and dry type. Dry  bathroom types are usually used in hotel. Once you determine what type of bathroom you want to design , then you can begin to determine which bathroom furniture you would put in your minimalist bathroom.

Minimalist bathroom design